Signing Up To A Webinar Via An Apple Device comes with an easy to use iOS app that your attendees may use when participating in your webinars on the go.

Attendees may sign up by following the same process as for standard, desktop sign-ups. Here it is:

  1. Access the webinar's landing page - Prospective attendees can access your Landing Page from either the shares you perform using the Invite via Social Media feature, as well as the URL linking to your page, which you can use anywhere on the web.
  2. Once reaching the Landing page, the next step is to use the Sign Me Up button
  3. Next, choose to sign up via email, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  4. If the signup is done using the Email Signup option, enter a name and email address, as well as a phone number, if SMS webinar reminders are preferred.
  5. Choosing to sign up via Facebook or LinkedIn will open a separate browser window where will ask for access to public information. Allowing this will complete the signup if the webinar is free.
  6. For an existing account, simply log in and enter an email and password.
  7. If the Webinar is paid, a payment details window will be displayed, right after signing up or logging in - Simply enter the needed credit card details and hit the Pay button to complete the registration.

Once signing up on an iOS device, will prompt to open or download the dedicated app, for a more seamless webinar experience.

Download and Install from Apple App Store!

See how attendees experience your webinars using the iOS app.

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Last updated on 14th Nov 2017