Creating Sales Bots

You can use Sales Bot to create a complete thought out and customized sales email sequence. The sequence consists of 7 emails, each aiming to close more sales for you.

The bot then takes it upon itself to also determine who is to receive these emails. This is done by it automatically detecting who you’ve tried to sell the package to.

The bot recognizes and triggers the email sequence to those who have attended a webinar in which you have pushed out a package or have received a community post with a package attached or a package landing page.

Before you set up a sales bot, you need to create a package with a landing page linked to it and also create a discount coupon.

To create a Sales Bot hover over the Your Communities drop down and select your community. Click on Automate from the menu option on the left. untitled

Click on Create New Sales bot on at the top right. create new sales bot

Enter all the details and click on Save sales bot save

You can now optimize the bot by selecting the trigger settings and customizing the email. sales bot email set up

To attaching clients feedback to improve conversrions from the sales bot. attach feedback

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Last updated on 27th Mar 2018