Inviting Colleagues To Your Rolodex

Your Rolodex is where you can keep in touch with all of your business contacts. To invite contacts, head to the Rolodex section, from your top navigation menu. You will be taken directly to your invitation options, as well as to your contact list.

To send an invite, first fill in the needed fields:

  • Add the name of the person you are inviting.
  • Add a personal message for the person you are inviting (optional).
  • If you are part of more than one organization, select the one you’d like to invite the person to.
  • Enter the invitee’s email address.
  • Use your Pitch video or add a custom video message.
  • Click Share to finalize the invitation.

Once sending the invite, its status will be visible in your Pipeline section, accessible by hovering over your profile picture.

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Last updated on 14th Nov 2017