Linking Landing Pages To Your Webinars

Your landing page is the face of your webinar; it's what all potential attendees see before signing up. o, make sure to customize it and make it your own first. Click here to see how to do that.

When your landing page is ready to use, you ill need to link it to a webinar in order for it to be visible to your audience.

You can create multiple landing page funnels for each webinar to test different content on your landing page or different traffic sources with the same content.

Track the conversion rates of your different landing page funnels and then concentrate your marketing budget on the best performing funnel.

To get started, select your desired community from under Your communities, in the top navigation menu. Click Webinars on the left; hover over Webinar Actions for the webinar you want to link your page to, then click the Edit Webinar option. edit webinar Click the Landing Pages option.

Use the dropdown list to select a landing page, then click Link landing page with this webinar. You can select one or multiple landing pages, to test different content or funnels. Once you link your pages, they are visible to your audience. landing page

Once you link your page, you will see it in the list below. Each page will be assigned its own URL and you will be able to see the View Count, Unique View Count, Click Count, Conversion Rate and Traffic Sources for each of the pages you link. You can use the URL of each landing page to share it and test different funnels.

Use the View or Delete buttons to view or remove the page respectively.

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Last updated on 1st Jun 2018