Inviting Webinar Attendees And Promoting Your Webinar

Once you have set up your Basic Webinar Information , your Webinar page will display a list of options at the right of the dashboard menu options. Click the Invite Attendees tab. social sharing 1

To invite by email, use the dedicated fields to enter names and email addresses to invite your contacts to your webinar individually or by uploading a .CSV file. Click Send Invitations to send the email invite. invite by email

To promote your webinar via Social Media, use the Share Webinar Link section. Click on one of your social media icons to open your account page for each respective social network. Your Webinar link will automatically be made available for you to share with friends and followers. provides direct access to: Twiter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yammer. We also provide a direct link to your landing page - you can use it to promote your Webinar anywhere on the Web. Simply copy the link and use it to let the world know about your webinar. social sharing 2

If you experience any issues sharing your landing page on Social Media, please see our troubleshooting guide for more information.If you need additional assistance, please contact our customer support.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2018