Adding A New Webinar

Your webinars are your way to reach audiences from around the world, so has made it easy for you to set them up.

To begin configuring your webinar, first select Your Community,

Click Webinars, in the side menu, then click Create Webinar. create webinar

Fill in the Basic Details section:

  • Add Your Webinar Title Make it short and comprehensive.
  • Add a Start time Use the calendar and time tools to choose when your webinar will start. The time you are selecting is for your local time zone. Times will be shown to users in their local timezone. Reminders are sent out to attendees by email 24 hours, 4 hours, 1 hour before, and at the start of the webinar. SMS reminders are sent to attendees 1 hour before, and at the start of the webinar, if they chose to sign up for SMS notifications by entering their phone number.
  • Enter your Webinar Duration, in minutes. This is just guidance for attendees, the webinar will not stop; it will continue as long as you keep broadcasting.
  • Enter a description for your Webinar, to give your attendees an idea about what they should expect.
  • Set your Ticket Price You will need to set up your Stripe merchant account to accept payment for webinar tickets. You can do so right from the webinar page if you haven’t already. You can also link your Stripe account from your Organization Profile.


Next step is to Link Landing page to the Webinar

You can also Add Panelists to your webinar

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2018