Adding Alternate Webinar Dates

If visitors can't make the dates of your webinar, you can add other dates to the landing page and provide a replay to an evergreen webinar.

Please note: This feature is only available with paid plans. If you are using the free plan, you will not be able to use the webinar replay, therefore if your audience reaches your webinar landing page and try to replay a past webinar, the page will be displayed as suspended.

To show alternate dates on your webinar landing page, you need to link another webinar to it. Here is how.

  1. Go to Your Communities, in the top navigation menu and select the desired community.
  2. Select Webinars from the left menu option.
  3. Find your webinar and hover over webinar actions, then click Edit Webinar. edit webinar
  4. Click the Landing Pages option from the list.
  5. Link a landing page if you haven't already. Once a landing page is linked to the webinar, you will see a Other dates button on the right. Click it to proceed.
  6. In he dialogue box that comes up, select the webinar you want to link. Click Add when you are ready, then repeat the same steps to add a new webinar/date. When you finished adding everything, click Done.

If you link a future webinar, then your audience can sign up to it by choosing the alternate date. Here is how this looks on your landing page: landing page - other dates

If you link an evergreen webinar (a past webinar which is available as a recording), then your audience will have the possibility to register and watch a replay of that webinar.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2018