Syncing Your Availability With Google Calendar

You can sync your availability with google calendar to allow managing your availability in your google calendar, along with viewing your bookins in the same calendar.

Sync bookings to google calendar

First, go to your availability page and copy the webcal url for your bookings

Next, in your google calendar, under "Add other calendars" select "From URL". calendarsync1

Paste in the URL you copied in the previous step, and click on "Add Calendar"

Your bookings from will now show in your google calendar.

Sync availability from your google calendar.

You can choose to add your availability on, however you may prefer to schedule your availability in google calendar instead, so that you can see it in conjunction with your other appointments and use repeating availability schedules.

Note: if you choose to sync your availability with google calendar, all your current availability slots will be deleted and replaced with the availability in google calendar.

First, create a new calendar under the "My calendars" section in your google calendar account.


Call the calendar something like " Availability". The name is not important.


Once you have filled in the name, click on "Create Calendar".

Once the calendar is created, access the calendar settings from the calendar menu by clicking on "Settings and Sharing"


Copy the url from "Secret address in Ical format"


On the availability page back on, click on "Add Calendar Feed" and paste in the URL you copied from google.

Any events that you create in that google calendar will now show up as availability on, including repeating events.

Your calendar will be updated every 15 minutes from google calendar.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2018