Sharing Your Screen

To share your screen during a live webinar, you can choose from one of the following two options:

  • Click the arrow button next to the broadcasting options and choose to Start with Mic and Screen. If you do not start your webinar with the screen sharing on, you can still enable it afterwards. screenshare1

  • Click Start Screen Share after you have already started your broadcast. screenshare2

  • When sharing your screen for the first time, will ask you to install a browser extension in order to make the screen sharing possible. Click Install Extension to proceed.

Next, confirm the installation when your browser asks you to.

As shown above, the permissions requested by are related to working with data on and to capturing your screen in order to share it to your audience.

Once completing your setup, you are ready to share either your full screen or an application’s window. Make your choice, then click Share. screenshare3

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Last updated on 15th Mar 2018