Freemium Content And Subscriptions

You can now generate subscription revenue from the posts in your community. To do this, you need to first create a one-off or subscription packages which have the premium content added to them.

Next you need to create a community post and add content that you want to reveal for free. freemiumpost1

Finally you will need to select a one off or subscription package to deliver the premium content. freemium post 2

Once you have set it all up your community members can then click on the Upgrade Now button to reveal the offers available. upgrade now

They can then choose the type of purchase they want to make. choose subscription level

Once they have completed purchasing the package, they can access the attached content from the My Purchases section.

To know more about creating Freemium Content And Subscription, book a call with the Webinar Channel Launch Team

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Last updated on 19th Apr 2018