Recording A Webinar And Making It Available At A Later Date, Without Hosting A Live Webinar

Your webinars are automatically recorded, through the Evergreen Webinar feature therefore you can set them up for a later date and invite attendees to participate. You will also have option to auto play the recording as soon as an attendee signs up to the webinar.

This feature is available with the Reach Plan.

Your webinar recording will contain everything you broadcast: your webcam, audio, screen sharing, powerpoint presentation and broadcasted video.

To view and use a recording: Select your community from Your communities drop down. Select Webinars, then click on Webinar actions and click on edit webinar. You must be a webinar host to have access to the controls. downloadwebinar

Select Auto-Webinar recording, then to use the recorded video, click Select this video. downloadwebinar1

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Last updated on 8th Apr 2018