Posting To Your Community

Your Community is a great way to interact with your audience and keep them engaged with you. You can use it to provide valuable content, promote your webinars and services, or simply interact with your former and future customers in a genuine, valuable way that will increase both their benefits and their loyalty to your business.

Community features are available starting with the Engage, Revenue & Coach Plan.

To add a new post to your community, simply access your community from the top navigation menu and use the post title, body and attachment to share your expertise with your community…

Enter the following details:

  • Your Post title.
  • Your Post body.
  • Your Post attachments Here you can attach a package, a webinar or a video file. Yor attached video file may either be an existing evergreen webinar recording or a new video that you can record or upload on the spot.

Click Post Now when your post is ready to be sent to your audience.

NOTE: Community Posts are not sent out to members automatically. To email this post to members of your community, you can use the Select Members to Receive Email button to send the post by email. Posts can only be sent to each member once every 24 hours, so if you try to send more often than that the post will only be sent to members who did not receive it before.

To Edit or Remove a Post, simply use the dedicated buttons at the top of your post.

Promoting Webinars

Besides adding them as an attachment to a post, you can also easily promote your webinars simply by opting to post them to your Community. This is done during the webinar setup process.

Tagging Community Members in Post Comments

Admins (only) can tag community members in the comments of community posts, so that the tagged person receives a notification that there is a comment for them - This is particularly designed to boost community engagement:

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Last updated on 10th Nov 2017